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Photo and Video Production Wilmington, NC

Be the BlackSheep of Your Industry

Content that converts



Black Sheep Content Creation is a group of creatives that work around the clock to make sure our clients stand out from the rest. We don't claim to be a one stop shop digital agency. Instead, we focus on what we are best at, creating and maintaining digital content.  We have worked with small organizations, corporations and even non-profits to deliver on their specific needs as a business. Checkout some of our Projects and give us a call, we would love to take a look at your brand image and see what we can do!

Video and photo of the month



Commercial Photography

The media in your brochures, on your billboards, and within your Instagram account define your brand.


Aerial Videography

Aerial videography sounds like an easy task, but it's something we take pride in. Drones, helicopters, airplanes. Whatever it takes to tell your story, we've got it.


Social Media 

Some of our clients just want to let go of social channels. We don't blame you. We spend more time maintaining other brand's than we do our own.


Marketing Consulting

Some clients want it all handled, others just want to have more of an audit. Depending on what your goals may be, we can absolutely step in to help your business stand out. 

Creatives that actually get shit done
— Tru Colors Brewing