ABout Us


What we do


Who We Are

Will Page — CEO // Photographer and Filmmaker with a passion for marketing, branding, and motorcycling. 

Kayla Goforth — Graphic Designer // Passion for creating content that looks just as good as it performs. 

Mike Spencer — Photographer // More experience than the rest of us combined, he's good. 

Ben Woods  Videographer/Editor // Obsessed with Color Grading. 


Where it started

Talk about a weird story...
In 2013, Will Page picked up his roots from Elon, NC and trekked to the beach. Not because of choice, but because his father was making him go to business school. With a somewhat successful Wedding Photography business in the Elon area, he had two choices, UNCW or UNCG. Waiting until the last possible day to make that final decision, it was set. Wrapping up the latter half of a business degree at UNCW, Page ran into a group of individuals who would totally shape his career to come. 
Page emailed over 100 photo/video companies in Wilmington the day he made the move. Over that week, only 2 people responded, Ned Leary being one of them. Page began assisting Leary on shoots for cents on the dollar, but it was a job. As the creative juices began to flow, they decided to launch the Wrightsville Beach Happy Video, for fun. Realizing at this point that there was a market for interesting, creative content in the Port City. People are on social media and they are active, you just have to get in front of them with something that doesn't suck. 

Recent Client Quotes

"Black Sheep has been pivotal in not only creating engaging content, but just as importantly, showing us what is possible. In the first 4 months, we have seen a 30% increase in online referrals and a 54% increase in customer engagement online." — National Speed

"This team has been with us since the ideation phase of Tru Colors. We definitely have a story to tell, and the team here has really helped us get that voice out." — TRU Colors Brewing

"With what started out as simple sports marketing photography, has now turned into full on video production for the college as a whole. We couldn't be happier. " — CFCC

"A work ethic like no other." — Tower 7

"There’s no job the team can’t do! They always come prepared deliver 100%, every time" - Castlebranch